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About Black Habits

WHO IS BH: BLACK Habits, The Voice Of The Community.  BH’s mission is to be the central source of positive communications for the black community. BH has been operating since 1998 in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region.

The BH Team is comprised of:

Bentley Springer, President:Mr. Springer has worked in management positions within major Canadian and US financial as well as telecommunications corporations since 1995.  He has also owned and operated his own business since 1983 and has been on the Our Image board of advisors since 1998.

Patrick Morris, VP Operations:  Mr. Morris has worked in management within large telecommunications corporations.  He has also been successfully involved in entrepreneurial businesses.

Ricardo Young, VP Business Solutions: Mr. Young graduated from York University in Business & Economics and has worked in management in large multi-national corporations, from banking to utilities to retail, since 1989.  He has also worked as a small business consultant since 1990.

WHAT BH DOES: ·          BH manages an interactive community website,, which allows the community to share empowering events, classifieds, reviews, forums, community resources, news, and information with the community.

·          BH produces an eNewsletter for the community containing positive information that represent the whole community. The distribution list has grown to 5,000 on word of mouth alone.

·          BH facilitates free workshops at Toronto City Hall focusing on a different topic with different guest speakers, often from the community. Topics include range from relationship issues to business, personal finance, and careers.

·          BH conducts Lymes, which exposes talent such as singers, poets, dancers, comedians, etc. Some previous guests have included The Kink In My Hair’s Trey Anthony and d’bi young, Dwayne Morgan, Kenny Robinson, Subliminal, and Our Image visual artists.

·          BH provides solutions to small and medium sized businesses through creating appropriate business plans and consultation.

WHAT IS OUR HISTORY: In 1995, Bentley Springer led a group of friends, including Patrick Morris, in self-actualization workshops, initially through reading the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The group found this experience to be personally rewarding and that it made a positive impact on their lives. They discussed personal thoughts and related them to incidents in their lives, and ‘The Black Experience’ was added to the equation. This seemed to make the concepts jump off the page and into practice in each of their lives.

These self-actualization workshops continued to evolved.  In 1998, Bentley and Patrick co-conducted the workshops and opened them up to others by creating an email distribution list of about 15 individuals for invites. The first meeting in this format was held on November 13, 1998 and approximately 12 people attended. The main topic was how habits (good or bad) guide our lives and how much our lives can improve once we start to choose our habits and eliminate those that do not serve our needs. Black Habits was born!

Since then, Bentley and Patrick have refined the BH workshop experience and often bring in guest speakers.  The BH eNewsletter was also enhanced to include positive events and opportunities in the community.  This information has proven to be in demand and the Email distribution list grew to 5000 members (click to be included on the distribution list) and attendance to the workshops has grown to 50-100 people at Toronto City Hall.  As an example of Black Habits’ dedication to the empowerment of the community, the workshops have continued to be free of cost.

In 2000, the BH team created and launched their 1st Black Lyme event to support local Toronto talent as well as create an environment where black love and empowerment could be experienced first hand.

In March of 2001, Ricardo Young joined the BH team to help support the growth that BH had experienced and provide a "Business Solutions" focus to the organization.  Ricardo also provides consultation to perspective entrepreneurs as well as small to medium sized businesses within the community.  By 2001, the BH eNewsletter was overflowing with information.  To resolve this, BH launched their 1st website to capture all this positive content.

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE: We believe that something is happening in our community and our global community. Something positive, and it's happening right now, as you read this. We believe that there is a movement and it has already started.

In the 1800's, around the world, something happened. The trading of slaves became commonplace in society. Then eventually slavery was gradually abolished until emancipation was declared in many of the nations around the world.

Then 1960's something happened. Integration began occurring on a city and global level.  Blacks asked or demanded, and received greater freedoms within the nations that they lived. In the United States it took the form of the civil rights movement. In the Caribbean, and in Africa, colonies became independent nations.

In this new millennium, we believe that again, something is happening. This time, it is an inward growth and the seeds have already been planted. This time, we are not asking to be freed, or for laws to be changed or for black colonies to become independent countries.

We are giving ourselves permission to free ourselves, to free our minds, to be the best that we can be.  To rediscover, our souls, our spirits, our strengths, our love, and our community, and ourselves. We are looking to share our talents, resources, ideas and our laughter. This is a movement that not only benefits our community, but the whole global village in which we're apart of.  We will all benefit from our abilities, vitality and our successes.

This is a transition from individual success to communal success, from metaphorically ‘getting out of the ghetto’ to ‘getting rid of the ghetto’, or from ‘looking good’ to ‘feeling good’. Just as nations cannot stand alone, we cannot stand alone as individuals.  We have proven that we, as individuals, can be successful within and outside of stereotypical roles and careers.  As well, the seeds of successful black businesses across diverse industries have already been planted.

Previous generations have consistently moved forward and improved the situation of the black community.  This generation is opening their eyes and understanding that we must be the first to support these businesses. We must be conscientious of how we interact, how we spend, save and invest our money.

We are also looking at how we live our family values and how we share, and this is the beginning of the journey of creating a vibrant family life in our community. We are looking at all of our Habits and choosing when to change our Habits to improve our lives.

BH has chosen to be a part of this new movement by utilizing all tools at our disposal to be an integral catalyst that empowers the community.

Copyright © by Black Habits All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2004-12-13 (48208 reads)

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