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EVENTS: Discover & share events, concerts, historical dates, etc. of interest to the black community.
Tip: If the event is for 1 night, choose times that stay with same day (eg. 9:00pm - 11:45pm) or the event will also appear on the next day.
CLASSIFIEDS: Find & share products & services.
GALLERY: View & share pictures from your events.
Tip: Email us your event pictures at and we'll upload them for you. Each picture should be less than 100k.
FORUM: Post questions & chat in the BH Lounge, book an online meeting with your peoples in the Conference Room.
Tip: Share positivity.
COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Find & share helpful organizations & resources.
Email us the positive resource at and we'll upload it for you. It should be organizations or sources that are of assistance to the black community.
REVIEWS: See & share your reviews of movies, books, shows, etc.

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